Feminization and humiliation

IMAG0429A sissy, a crossdresser, loves being feminized. Normally enjoys stockings, makeup, wigs, corsets, heels and other accessories conventionally feminine.

But if you love to be transformed into a complete slut of your Mistress, the surprise will come when you’re not allowed to be nice to your own delight, but a French maid sissy slut for mine.

You may not always get to be a queen, you may feel humiliated seeing ridiculed dressed as an ugly caricature of a woman. Can you see the difference?

Forced Feminization? It will only be forced if it’s not what you want. The slave must be surrendered to me, not to his fetishes or preferences. I can enjoy feminization, but I usually have a “plan B” to test my pets. I don’t like a pseudo-submissive who seeks his own satisfaction with the excuse to please me.

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7 Responses to Feminization and humiliation

  1. slave sindee says:

    love to feel your Plan “B”
    Your words are so true love being a Maid

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mistress,

    I found You by way of FemDommeSociety, which i just joined. Look forward to learning more about You.


  3. I no mistress I need to be an owned sissywhore I’ve been fighting it for years the urges are to strong I no like it or not Iam a sissyfaggot

  4. I no a very big part of becoming a sissyslut is exposure is that correct mistress

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