Female confidences

publicidad3Yesterday I went to the hairdresser with my slave clown_de_Cruel, who sat in the waiting room until my hair was done.

The girl who served me was talking to a colleague about a personal dilemma, and as I had nothing else to do (I hate the tabloid press, which is all they offer to customers), I listened the dialogue.

Understood that an ex-boyfriend wanted to come back to her and she was hesitating, although now she is with another guy that gives her more stability. So I asked: But your ex gives you fun and that’s the reason why you doubt, right? At her smile I dared to suggest not to renounce to any of them, why not keep the stability and love of one and enjoy the excitement that the other one provides?

The girl seemed very conventional, so I did not go further in my suggestions, though she was obviously very interested in my words.

And that was the moment that another of my slaves chose to call me by phone. If I’m in public I use to measure what I say, it’s not a matter of scandalize everyone, but when I hung up my phone, I saw in the mirror that the hairdresser looked confused at my hair and at my clown, so I smiled, winked one eye and said that there’s no problem, I don’t waive any of them.

She seemed a nice girl and even asked for my WhatsApp because she said I gave her great confidence to talk to me, but I dodged the request because our lives are very different. She gave me two kisses when I left and looked enviously how my clown put me my coat on and gave me my handbag and gloves.

Neither I’m going to tell her my story nor I usually go giving advice, but she was a very pretty girl who may someday will find that she can have all the toys she wants at her disposal 😉

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One Response to Female confidences

  1. Connectasy says:

    If only young women such as your hairdresser had more Dominant Female role models, Cruel Dama, to lead them into taking control over the men in their lives! They have so many bad role models who teach them to be submissive and focus on pleasing men.

    You certainly seem to have made a big impression on the hairdresser, and perhaps she will indeed learn to take what she wants, and have all the toys her heart desires, inspired by your good example, Madame.

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