ab copiaI don’t pursue or mislead any ‘unwary’ to serve me. I not even search my servants, since it’s they the ones who find me.

I have websites and profiles on all the social networks that facilitate it, if not, nobody would know I exist. It’s also true that years ago, when I was not so well known, when Internet did not exist, I was not without slaves anyway.

And what times I lived! Today internet greatly facilitates stuff in every way, both to find great people and to have to be dodging crap, besides that everything has changed a lot.

And many of you know what I am talking about, because I still remember the adventures we had to do years ago in Spain to contact and meet like-minded people. And we never lacked resourcefulness: from reading between the lines of newspaper ads to clandestine and very sporadic meetings when we were lucky. You had to be very careful with what you were telling to whom, because a man could be called a sick pervert, but a woman had neither police protection in case of harassment and simply going out alone to have a drink was amazing.

When I left the country, barely 17 years old, and discovered something called Femdom, which at that time was lived more than openly in the Netherlands and in a London where alternative lifestyles were emerging, I did not even had to think about it and moved there for a few years.

But all that has changed and CruelDama gives her face publicly, expresses her opinions freely and does not need to cheat, pursue, harass or hide away.

Rereading myself, you’d think I look like a dinosaur. And perhaps I am, but this dinosaur has still many battles to fight 😉

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  1. Emily says:

    I think you are probably a special person and certainly not a dinosaur. If ever you come near to my part of Australia please allow me to meet with you for a coffee or some other beverage.

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