Emotional dependency

In all affective relationships (either vanilla, D/s, FemDom or BDSM in general) provides a certain emotional dependency, because feelings are deposited in other or others people.

Sometimes that dependency or emotional codependency is potentiated to the point that the codependent focuses entirely his life around that person from whom he depends.

So far we could be talking about a slave, who focuses his life around his Owner, right?. But the differences are important, as the codependent often have behaviors a Mistress does not allow, such as: sickly jealousy, emotional blackmail, manipulation in attempts of control, mood disorders, fights, screams…

You could say that, somehow, as a Mistress I favor certain emotional dependence by my slaves, however I try they don’t confuse intensity with real feeling.

And there is a fine line between a codependent and a emotional masochist. It is important to get the emotional masochist does not distort his perception of the relationship he establishes with his Mistress confusing it with maddening and self destructive feelings.

I just love psychological sado, I enjoy manipulating a mind, strangling and caressing, taking my toy on the brink to bring him back to reality. Yes, provided that the toy is ready for the intensity of my stakes, just as I do not practice extreme session with a not initiated, not risking a damaged mind, because I don’t desire uncontrolled madness, but enjoy my sadism with common sense.

Yes, I know, common sense is very subjective. What may be normal for me, for others is terrifying. Hence I always recommend much dialogue and bidirectional communication. It is essential that the submissive/slave is completely aware to whom he will surrender.

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