There’s no needed convergence of opinions on everything and I don’t agree with the concept that some people have of FemDom.

FemDom is not a pose, at least not for me. It’s not a matter of upload photos from others on social networks and comment all they suggest, does not mean that we are all attracted by the same things as if it were not possible to reject some, it has nothing to do with that a Lady lends herself to do all what submissives want her to do them.

I could go on enumerating things, but I think I will simplify better referring back to Live FemDom, Female Domination or so many other posts that form this blog.

Here you read my vision, my experience and my way of living. Sure there are many others, but this one is mine. I clarify (again) that this is CruelDama’s blog, where I write about my daily life, my way of thinking and doing things.

I enjoy a good debate, but I refuse to participate in confrontations with those seeking their moment of glory pontificating and getting to insult when they run out of arguments. Respect is important, but not only in FemDom, right? :)

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One Response to Disagreements

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cruel Dama,

    Write your book! I will purchase every copy. Aye Carumba!


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