It’s common that external pressures outweigh self-determination. Ie normally, a person is carried away by the general opinion of the environment rather than risk his status and reputation to silence his inner desires and dreams, doing what is expected of him, in order not to disturb that confort he installed his life.

Also, even in these conditions, there are risky behaviors that are the result of unconscious decisions. However, these small isolated patches are a controlled risk in most cases.

A man, for example, is apologized for occasional extramarital fling because “he is a man” and that man does not renounce the small pleasures that cross his path, and not only they are going to apologize him, but folks will give pats on his back with smiles of complicity. So, that risk attitude not only will not involve permanent damage to the man, but if he controls the situation so that is not too obvious for his family environment, will increase his prestige in the male community.

I will not go into the consequences when such action is carried out by a woman, because we all know the words that are attributed and the social rejection it causes. This is called hypocrisy, but it is not today’s topic.

During childhood major decisions are taken by fathers/mothers and other adults, but from adolescence decisions are becoming more own responsibility. You learn to distinguish when no matter yield to the wishes of others or other pressures and when it is important to follow the own criteria.

One of my slaves says the most comfortable to be mine is not having to make decisions as it is I who take decisions for him. But he had to make the most important decision: to belong to me 😉

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One Response to Decisionmaking

  1. Roxandra Fox says:

    As a slave, I can testify to the freedom I feel in having no decisions to make and simply having to do as my Mistress wishes and deferring always to Her. This is quite the opposite to my professional career where it is I who makes the decisions so my slavery actually is a form of freedom from responsibility. And yes, Cruel Dama, You are quite correct when You state that I have already made the most important decision in surrendering my will to my Mistress.

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