A few days ago, on a Fetlife group, a friend of mine wrote the following about his worldview of Financial Domination:

I get the impression that most are, in the case of “Dommes”, opportunistic young women who do not understand what Domination or Financial Domination means and subs are largemouth, except very few examples of both roles that I know personally and are not encompassed in these two categories.

My answer to that comment (though I’m only taking part) was:

You made me smile, but I think everyone has the right to play what they want. But it’s true that every day is noted the proliferation of people who understand these things as a way to make easy money without major implications or in exchange for minimal effort. Personally I conceive Financial Domination as a part of many other things that, to me, go together with Mental Domination and manipulation for much broader purposes.

Although I get involved in relationships with my properties, I also accept gifts and incomes from stray pooches with whom maybe then there is no more relationship and even demand a certain amount for allowing them to add me on Messenger, since I have more to do than entertain supposed moneyslaves all day. Not to mention the ignore line I’ve got. So not for me to criticize others.

I think I can not be clearer. I hope that all those doubts that strangely still persist, become transparent :)

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  1. Roxandra Fox says:

    Your friend from Fetlife is correct in so much as there are a lot of “players” in the D/s scene and a lot of wannabees. Would be Dommes that are indeed opportunistic that are little more than actresses catering to the demands of wannabbe subs. There is a very big difference between these and those serious about D/s where the Domme has Her own ways and Her subs/slaves are devoted. Many wannabees, when confronted by a serious lifestyle Domme such as yourself would run a a mile and never have the strength and willpower to serve truly, faithfully and devotedly. The dedicated genuine sub or slave is committed to whatever forms of domination his Domme inflicts upon him and he lives only for Her and Her pleasure. To anyone who understands the D/s dynamic, your position is very clear and you should not have to explain yourself at all – the questioners need to get an education and learn exactly what a true D/s relationship is.

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