Most people care about the origin of others, their past. For me what really matters is their present, what they are, not what they have been.

I’m talking about the people I care about, of course, because I don’t do monitor the lives of anyone who does not belong to me (or my circle), that is, only concern those who deserve my attention.

Gossip is very common and simplistic and tend to forget that everyone, absolutely everyone, we’ve made ​​mistakes.

I disagree with the general pigeonholing. For example, it’s given too much importance to race, lineage, highborn, as if the mere fact of having been sired by someone with a title of nobility, or the famous on duty, ensure that certain person is wonderful. And maybe is, but I know people with reputed ancestry that are complete idiots. Just as I know people of humble origins who have my total admiration.

Your mistakes are part of you, but they don’t define you, what really matters is how you’ve grown with them, what you learned from them and, above all, what you are.

You can be an ex-con, the owner of a successful business or a faultless father. What really counts is whether you’re a good submissive, a good friend or a good person.

And, if you’re a little bastard, you can always contact me for a funny blackmail, lol.

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