aeiouI keep getting emails from submissives/slaves from all over the world with the typical phrase “willing to relocate”.

Of course if you want to know and aspire to serve me you have to come to me (unless what attracts you is a blackmail) and once in person, if the magic works, I’ll consider to accept you at my service. But what I do not want is that you move into my home. I wrote a post about it before, so seek in the blog and you will find it.

My English blog is after my Spanish blog and may not appear that entry, but I told there I’m a Financial Mistress not an NGO and I do not adopt anyone who request it, as there are many conditions, tests and requirements to meet me.

Do I want to have a house where accommodate all slaves I would like to own? Of course! But it’s not the case, so I stick to reality.

Expose other proposals that could attract me, but I will not get on a plane without knowing you. Come to Madrid, show me your interest and, from there, I will take the decisions I consider appropriate.

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