Be positive

You’re right, my writing conveys positivity. Of course, I am a very positive woman and I love to enjoy my life.

But I’m human and as such, this Goddess of flesh and blood has her moments. And yes, the bad times are short for me 😀

Why should I waste my time with bitterness having so much to do? How am I going to let any nonsense paralyze me having so much to live?

I’m not a stereotype. I’m not an embittered in a bad mood all day looking at the world over her shoulder. I don’t scream nonsense for all to see what I’m supposed to.

I think the detail is precisely this: I am not what I’m supposed to be, I am myself.

My smile disappears only when I have to be serious and I can say that even in some sessions I laugh a lot. Some say that my smile is a poem when I’m spanking and torturing, that is noticed how much I enjoy it.

And I know it’s true. A happy face is hard to hide. But I also have a wonderful pocker face during a psychological pressure and, of course, imposing a punishment.

But problems also affect human Goddesses. Happens that to air them and whining is not for me, I prefer to solve them and move forward 😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cruel Dama,

    Your blog has become my daily religion. Thank you very much for your efforts!

    slave braxton

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