And more cliches

Someone was surprised ’cause one of my slaves wrote on my profile that he loves me. She asked me how can I consent he displays such feeling towards me publicly.

After laughing for a while, I asked if nobody loves her and why it might be. I dropped the subject, because I’m not going to get into a surreal discussions and, honestly, I don’t care the answer, mine were rhetorical questions.

Not only I consent, but I’m proud to be adored, cherished and loved by mine. I think, somehow, all Dommes cultivate certain feelings in our slaves, encourage they worship us and enjoy their devotion.

Do I have to hide that my slaves love me to give an image facing the public? I refuse to do so. It’s me who handles my relationships, just as it is I who makes decisions on them. I will not pretend or hide things for others to see how cold and distant I am. I am when I have to be, not when I’m supposed to be. Because, Ladies, I also decide that :)

It’s wonderful to live one’s life, enjoy it and squeeze it the way we want. And, by the way, my slaves know exactly what their place is, even those with whom I maintain an affective relationship. Why put limits on myself? That would be pretty inconsistent.

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One Response to And more cliches

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cruel Dama,

    I am sure all current and prospective slaves love you. Some in different ways and some in different intensity.

    slave braxton

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