And life is spinning…

sit down copiaI’ve decided freeing a slave.

That can sound frivolous, but it’s a considered decision. The slave in question is a good puppy, but for various reasons we have grown apart lately and I think the most consistent is to allow him to continue with his life in another relationship where he can serve as he want to.

If any Lady is interested in enjoying the services of the slave, do not hesitate to contact me, I can give appropriate references and will be happy to arrange a meeting to get to know him.

But this is not a slave market, it’s my blog, today I offer the possibility that someone who has served me well be in good hands, is a way to thank his effort to me. But that does not mean I will take care of any submissive being a Celestina to find Mistresses! So, dogs, slaves, subs, pets (outside or without Owner), make it clear that I will not meet such demands. Abstain from send me these requests because I have not desire to open an agency. Indeed, I tell you don’t bother me with questions as if I know Mistresses in your area, because I have better things to do in my life than fetch you a relationship, I never recommend someone I don’t know.

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