An undefined project

1-6I’m considering taking a slave in a different way. All my slaves are special to me and I value them all, but sometimes it does not seem by the treatment I give them (and because I’m not much given to flattery).

All have a place in my life, earned it based on ongoing effort and demonstrating every day they belong to me. In facts, the words are gone with the wind 😉

But lately I feel I need something different. What? I’ll tell you when I concrete, because it is still an idea taking shape in my mind. I know what I want, but there are edges to polish in my project, so I reserve the definition for the moment.

I could mold any of those I own for my “experiment”, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to do. Nor do I know if my idea is what I really need and whether the result will really satisfy me. Too many questions and I never get down to work until I am sure of what I do.

Well, now it’s just an idea, do not panic. I will develop and decide whether it is feasible or just a fantasy of those who remain in the pipeline, relegated for being too ambitious or unrealistic.

I take a lot of time when I do something new because those who surrender to me become my responsibility and, although pressurize, reasonableness is the basis of everything.

We all Dominant Woman want to find that real rare pearl (or rather, he find us), someone to train from scratch and with the whole complicity and affinity. I’ll tell you my progress 😉

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