Addiction to heels

All! Well, not all, I don’t like those ugly thickest. But stilettos drive me crazy. “Addiction” is an exaggeration, of course, perhaps the most fitting word is “fetishism”.

These days are arriving new acquisitions. Highlight the scandalously beautiful booties that a submissive from Barcelona bought for me, I promised a picture with them (promise fulfilled, although you’ll see me wearing them more times, it’s a hasty photo and does not do them justice), and shoes with skewers perfect for a ballbusting or to sit and watch a submissive tongue sliding through the crannies.

Do you see how easy is to put a smile on my face? As a hint, I tell you there’re more heels on my Amazon wish lists. I know, I know, I’m a whimsical, but high heels are so beautiful… 😀

High heels make me feel more seductive and sensual. The elegance of the woman who knows how to wear them is what makes her different.

And what can I say about these orgasmic massages after a walk with them on? Nothing better than the rest of the warrior with the attention she deserves.

Not that I’m missing volunteers, precisely, but I love having many options 😉

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One Response to Addiction to heels

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cruel Dama,

    And everyone knows the sound of heels clicking on hard floors. It gets every ones attention and we all know what can happen if she cooses.

    slave braxton

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