About slaves and ephemeral sluts

trampleOh, the great slave, the wonderful sub, the one that brags about being completely serious with FEMDOM, who claims to need control and reality. Yes, that one, the one that when clashes head with the real control runs away 😀

How pleasant it is to find a little gem, someone aware of his priorities (ie, me), prepending my well-being to his, without getting me bored with his constant demands, someone who knows to stay in the background until being required, who not only think of himself, who feels with all certainty that his happiness consists of making me happy.

I own several human properties, though there is always a place for a good new slave in my stable. But it is not as easy as exposing all those great qualities they claim to have. I observe, examine and test many, sometimes as if they were a pair of boots, because what is going to be mine has to fit or being able to adapt to me.

The one who wears my collar has to honor it and prove to be worthy of it, because my collar is not a removable trinket. Although I do not own every submissive, of course, some of them are just to play a little and it is so decided.

And by the way, remember that my Amazon wish lists remain operating. Do I have to add that this is one of the most effective ways to get my attention? 😀

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