A smile for all

00001I offer a free space that update very often, I show myself the way I am, I take the time to upload my photos, to talk about my opinions about FemDom, to answer many questions, to do contests in which participates wonderful people, to make suggestions you ask (I prefer suggestions to tips), I open groups and communities by social networks and I invite you for the pleasure to meet and share many things, I am more than clear (I would say diaphanous) about my fetishes … and still my words are twisted.

I will not refute anything nor I will bother myself to mention the countless insults and lacks of respect of which I am subject, I think they are not worthwhile. I’ll stay with the great-minded people that know how to respect even though do not share my views hundred percent.

Other Mistresses friends of mine often tell me that I lose too much time with those who do not deserve it. I do not think so, I do not consider my work on the blog a waste of time ’cause I have met people who are worth it, from all roles and, when something passionates me (read FemDom), I get involved in all ways.

And I am proud of my temperance. I will not lose composure for nonsense, so I dedicate everyone my best smile :)

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