A ‘see you soon’

0000Those of you who follow me already know that today it’s back to the routine for me, but I suspect there will be novelties in mine.

On one hand I am looking forward to be back and regain control of my life (and of mine), but otherwise I would dilate my stay on the coast abandoned to my pleasures. I love the sea, discovering new places and meet people, but it’s time to finish a week of relaxation and channel many projects that I have left in stand-by, fighting for my goals and continuing with my responsibilities.

I had a great time and bring with me many memories of experiences, places, people …

And I know I have also left my mark, because magic_de_Cruel won’t forget this time where so much has happened. Whatever happens in the future (life takes many turns), he will see me in every corner of this apartment, in every restaurant we’ve been together, in the cities and towns we visited.

See you soon, Valencia, it has been a pleasure to rediscover you.

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