A great day

As the human being I am, there are days when I feel a little more understanding and others that my patience with the nonsense is zero.

Today my mood belongs to the second option, although neither my smile leaves my face nor I have less desire to enjoy such a gorgeous day I see through my window.

But now do not expect such a great post that makes you think or reflect on yourselves. No, today is a day of hustle and to impose decisions made.

Hits, errors, attempts and projects: In everything we do things are learned. In our hand is to anchor ourselves in the comfort of the known although not satisfactory or venturing into other prospects seeking our happiness and wellbeing.

I am not one to stay arms folded holding on and thinking that what I have will change, I prefer to take the chance to live and take from life everything good it offers me. And yes, today is going to be a great day :)

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One Response to A great day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Cruel Dama,

    Please tell me what is going on in your life, seriously!!!!!


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