24/7 personal slave

4 copiaOnce again I will repeat something that can be read on several posts along this blog: I do not need another personal slave 24/7.

I will not accommodate anyone at home, neither in Madrid nor in the north.

Would I like to have a mansion with 15 or 20 slaves serving me? Of course I would, but neither I have a mansion nor I’m going to maintain anyone.

Being a 24/7 slave is the aspiration of many and it’s great, but I dont see too logical you send me a mail of introduction saying you wish to serve me in this way. First because becoming my slave is a process that requires time, complicity and mutual understanding. And then because that position is not vacant. And even if it were (which is not), I would never open the doors of my house to someone I don’t know at all.

Many of you have an idyllic idea of serving 24/7; you imagine yourselves bringing me a coffee, placing yourselves at my feet and providing me orgasms all day. (I’ve just visualize that scene and I’ve laughed). You can’t imagine all what my bitch does every day! In addition to entertain me 😉

A personal slave is not just a servant at home, but also someone I can trust completely, who takes responsibility for the cleanliness and functioning of my house, takes care of my clothes, personal care and everything that surrounds me on a daily level, ie my private life. And into my private life does not enter any stranger.

It’s wonderful that you fantasize about what might be, but for me is not a fantasy. 24/7 is the lifestyle I chose and I take it very seriously.

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