A happy FemDom

cockslappingThere is nothing like not needing anyone to solve your problems.

The other day, for example, had enough of seeing the hose hanger of the garden broken and there was no slave near at that time to fix it, so I went to the garage and looked for a drill. Found two, but I confess I did not even know that there are some accessories called drill bits, not enough to plug the machine and pushing the button ๐Ÿ˜€ But my desire of seeing things in order was bigger than having to wait my slave came from his errands, so I replaced the broken hanger by a brand new hanger, with its holes in the wall (and their corresponding plastic plugs!).

It will seem silly but I feel very proud of having done something I had never done before and I had no the slightest idea because I’ve always delegated those things in others.

And exactly the same goes with money. I do not need anyone’s money for living and do not consent demands from applicants. I am a Financial Mistress because I love being pampered with gifts and cash, but it’s pure fetishism for me.

When I talk to friends and applicants online, you constantly ask me when will I return to Madrid and my answer is usually: I have no return date. And yes, it’s a real luxury to decide if I go and when or if I stay and how long. I’ll be in my house in Madrid later this month or early next, but only a few days since I’ve been doing some construction going here and still not finished.

I’m also asked if I’m on vacation and why I don’t connect too much. I connect when I want to do so and enjoy every moment of my life. There is a saying that I love: build a life you don’t need vacation from. Well, although it has not always been the case, from some time ago I can say with great satisfaction that that’s my life.

And this does not mean that I’ve left Female Domination. I live FemDom as ever, my particular slut keeps serving me 24/7 and I own other slaves. Why would I leave my lifestyle when that’s the life I chose and the one that really fills me?

No, it’s not a pose. I’m really this way ๐Ÿ˜‰

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FemDom games and habits

backAttraction, desire, trust, complicity and feeling are essential things in FemDom. And, in broad strokes, we can differentiate Roleplaying and Everyday Habits.

The aim of the Roleplay (the staging we love so much) is to amuse the participants (especially, of course, the female part ๐Ÿ˜€ ); its success or repetition depends on the creativity of the situations that may arise and apprenticeship / evolution of our staged fantasies.

In FemDom, situations are addressed when and how the Lady wants and both imitations and situations are evaluated according to personal expectations and subjective criteria of the Domme.

The aim of the Daily Habits is usually to consolidate a real coexistence and their effectiveness depends on choosing what needs to be covered, the effort to perform the routines which cause welfare and apprenticeship / evolution of a lifestyle.

In FemDom relationships, power is held by the Lady: We mark the needs, inspect the tasks and reward or punish the executor. The submissive or slave performs the routines, strives to fulfill our needs and is interested in serving to get our satisfaction.

It’s evident that both Roleplay and Daily Routines are essential and necessary to improve the FemDom coexistence, foster the link between Domina and submissive / slave and identify and place each where we want to be and corresponds to us.

Each Dominant Female develops her preferences, that may remain in just Roleplay or evolve into a lifestyle in which she is the Queen of the environment she creates.

And that’s the whole mystery. As you can see, there is neither obscurantism nor terrifying people who will catch you forever (said CruelDama hiding her nets) ๐Ÿ˜€

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Generously Cruel

portatilSome come, others go. This is life. Even some appear, disappear, reappear …

I’m talking about submissives and slaves, although the certain thing is that it is a pattern that could be applied to any type of people with whom we interact throughout life.

All Dommes know how they are and the blandishments they come to invent to get a new opportunity.

These days several different exemplars have reappeared in my life.

One of them is a lovely little slut, of those who take refuge in the distance to do what he feels like hiding behind his job, his partner, his penis … I’ve prepared him a blackmail contract, a really comprehensive and forceful one, since it’s the only way to have him under complete control.

There is another one who wore my necklace for a long time and I keep good memories of his real servitude. Now he wants to submit to me completely. Again. We’ll see how it ends, because I have granted him the opportunity to demonstrate his devotion.

There is a third one who takes a long time waiting but for circumstances of life, will have to keep waiting.

Obviously I have much to say about my conditions, rules, requirements and all those little things I enjoy. Whenever our conversations prosper, otherwise I need only to shelve and stay with the slaves who are already at my feet and know the meaning of loyalty and fidelity.

My summary? They’re all bad bitches of those that we must bring to heel. But what can I do? They amuse me so much … ๐Ÿ˜€

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Words and Deeds in FemDom

2linkI often say that we are what we do, the set of our experiences and of the choices we make throughout our lives.

A submissive can boast of holding extremely intense sessions, but would not be the first one who lies down to mourn at the sight of my “toys” and my attitude, that is, when it comes to prove his words.

And this is where Dommes must use our common sense. And note that a declared sadistic Mistress is saying so ๐Ÿ˜€

But it is like this. However much I like the tears of a slave, which can pleasantly turn me on, I enjoy them if I’m the one who has provoked them and always, absolutely always, controlling the situation. I never do a session with a new submissive trusting what he says because I myself prefer to see how far I can take him, groping not only his body but his emotional state as well.

And exactly the same is true of the other role. There was an episode in which a Lady boasted of how sadistic she was and finally she was paralyzed and her face was white as milk during a session with one of my harsest slaves to which she was invited.

And do not get me wrong, because I have slaves who are not masochists, but they give me their pain if that’s what I want to take from them. Now, I have in mind their pain thresholds and sometimes I enjoy (and I am proud) of their surrender leaving a little aside my instincts to savor sublime moments.

We need not to go through life demonstrating or boasting about anything, just being and fully enjoying what we are.

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Some slave awards

IMG-20130718-WA0027Not only punishments and correctives are part of the education of a slave. Sometimes his devotion need to be strengthened by keeping his desire and passion for me. With simple everyday gestures, that I enjoy and are small signs of attention for them, I can reward a behavior or effort and, at the same time, motivating the slave in his constant learning.

Making him kiss my hands, fingers, feet or any other part of my body, are obviously gifts which result in his humiliation and arouse the erotic of power.

Encouraging his fetishism allowing him worship my shoes, underwear, stockings, etc. gives an erotic charge and a superior power to the Owner’s objects.

Using his tongue to clean my boots, clothing, accessories, toys of torture or my body, awakes his desire.

Biting his lips, or tongue is a sign of affection and it captures his attention completely.

Spitting a chewing gum or other bauble on the floor and he has to pick it up with his mouth is a vexatious prize and more humiliating if I also step on it and he has to peel it off with his teeth from the sole of my shoe.

Raping his mouth with my heel, sometimes aggressively, places each of the members of the FemDom relationship to their level and height. Thing we both enjoy.

Interrupting the obligations of the busy slave to make of him a thing for a while (footstool, chair, table, etc.), submits his mind to his Owner and wants to keep being exploited.

While he does the dishes, cooks or another task, I can approach from behind and caress/attack his most intimate zones tempting his desire and appropriating his helpful willingness.

He can do gymnastics while I am leaning or sitting on his body, forcing him to reach my feet, buttocks or whatever I want him to reach.

Embellishing his body with my underwear, a ring, rope or belt in his testicles or marking him with a message (CruelDama’s slave, owned by CruelDama, etc.), reduces resistance and encourages his effort.

A spanking by passing, pinching his nipples, a slap to activate his bloodstream or a pressure in his testicles are precious signs of appreciation.

A golden shower in his mouth or his body is something many yearn for and it’s one of my ownership marks.

What would we do without all these countless moments of fun (rewards and punishments included)? ๐Ÿ˜€

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